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Founded by two close friends, with a background in helping vulnerable children and adults, and paralleled with a passion to share wellness with all those who they cross paths with, Innaree was born as a result. The founders then went to source ultra-premium organic CBD from the depths of California and from an organic farm where the raw products are grown naturally in the sunshine and not in a laboratory.

However, creating this premium CBD and sharing CBD wellness was not enough for the founders. They wanted to do more. As a result, through the sale of high quality pure organic CBD, the founders and the Innaree family intend to also support much needed projects around the world, and with customers being part of the Innaree family, bringing everyone along on the journey.

“One World One Community” philosophy, is at the core of the Innaree family.

We are innaree


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Why choosee Inaree

Why choose Innaree?

At Innaree our mission is to deliver the highest quality, authentic CBD at affordable prices, where our customers can not only discover the tangible benefits from CBD but also that health and wellness truly can be achieved. In addition to providing the safest and purest CBD, we aim to not only help You and your wellbeing but also help people around the world as a result of the products You purchase.

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“A great product!”

A great product!

“I have had knee problems for years and bought the muscle rub to see if it would help ease the pain. It has been more effective than any drug store products and is soothing - also it smells great too. Highly recommend!”

“The fact it is halal is a bonus.”

The fact it is halal is a bonus

“My concern with CBD products has always been the presence of THC psychoactive Compound. With Innaree this is now no longer a concern and the fact it is halal is a bonus.”

“Muscle rub took my elbow pain away”

Muscle rub took my elbow pain away

“Muscle rub took my elbow pain away in a few days. Applied twice a day. Great stuff. Highly recommend”

“Peppermint Oil Drops... High quality CBD products”

Peppermint Oil Drops... High quality CBD products

“Extremely happy with the high quality CBD products that Innaree offer. All the products are halal and vegan, and help with my wellbeing (especially the peppermint oil drops). Delivery was also extremely quick”